The Impact Sprinkler - more clever than it seems!

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It's that time again! Time to take a deep dive into the mundane to see what we can learn. Join me as we look at this sprinkler!
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BusinessVulture - Time siden
I've grown a sort of love hate relationship with this channel. On one have I love it cause who doesn't like learning how everyday things work, but on the other hand too many... "undesirable" things have been pointed out. Like incandescent stop lights, or non amber turn signals... Or even toasters that don't automatically pop at the correct temperature.
NonTwinBrothers - 3 timer siden
These videos are making less and less sense
Dário Mendes
Dário Mendes - 3 timer siden
I was asking myself how did this work some years ago, but never tried to find an answer... thnk you!
iamalongusername - 7 timer siden
Dear Mr Technology Connections guy, I'd love you to explain how pumps and compressors work in a future video
okow tina
okow tina - 8 timer siden
I used to collect sprinklers as a kid and I called them "Choo Choo" sprinklers
Jayce Kastner
Jayce Kastner - 8 timer siden
Why was this on recommended?
Keith Irwin
Keith Irwin - 8 timer siden
I think modern engineering could learn a lot from old mechanical gadgets. It's too easy to rely on electronics today, which sometimes fail. These sprinklers never fail. Gas station nozzles are another great example.
Sz. - 9 timer siden
OMG, so nice and brilliant at 0:55! :) Had to stop to show it to evey tech-inclined friends of mine. (And to write this comment. And just to give some proper time to smiling about that witty little gag.)
Sz. - 6 timer siden
@okow tina Hey, BTW, how does an empty (fake?) profile like yours have 340 subscribers? :)
Sz. - 6 timer siden
@okow tina Yeah, I spotted that one, and smiled a little there, too. :)
okow tina
okow tina - 8 timer siden
8:35 more simpler
John O
John O - 9 timer siden
These sprinklers have an amazing secondary effect.
If you place one in a third grade classroom and turn it on, it will cause you to be whacked with a bamboo cane by the my friend discovered. 😀
DrizzlingRose - 14 timer siden
thank you for taking a look at these, ive always wondered how they moved around, and why the slamming arm was on them, wonderful video!
Donelle G
Donelle G - 16 timer siden
My wife linked one of your videos to me for a particular joke, but your humor made me subscribe and I have loved every video since. I adore the deadpan delivery of your jokes, but I also learn things! The first one I watched was about the US electricity system, and even though some of that went over my head, I never felt lost or stupid. Thank you for making your entertaining and informative videos. I appreciate you.
Bryan M
Bryan M - 18 timer siden
How about those old car radios that had a programmable push button that moved a needle?? How's that work?????
brad s
brad s - 19 timer siden
that is a lot more simpler
Dirkmez - 19 timer siden
Ok this is weird, I bought one of these today, but about 7 hrs before this video ended up in my recommend list. I didn't even google sprinklers before buying one either WTF google?
Allen Knutson
Allen Knutson - 20 timer siden
The relevant equation isn't so much F = ma as momentum = force * time. The impact occurs in very little time, hence large force.
Shamino0 - 23 timer siden
Awesome! I always wondered how these work. And now I know.
Breno - Dag siden
0:54 aaah... you had me at the onomatopoeia
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi - Dag siden
I used to collect sprinklers as a kid and I called them "Choo Choo" sprinklers
p07gbar - Dag siden
I wonder if the lifting cone seal in the bottom bit balances the friction needed to turn with the impacts generated by the arm at all over a variety of water pressures? I.e. lower water pressure means lower force in the seal means lower friction and lower pressure means smaller arm impacts. Probably doesn't cancel out mathematically but at least the effects are in the right directions!
Mr Wrestles
Mr Wrestles - Dag siden
Question: how wet did you get filming this?
nicklogan2 - Dag siden
The "weridness" at 6:45 is possibly the lens breathing, this can happen when the focus is moving ever so slightly. it does seem to be amplified at footage slowed down.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi - Dag siden
and dolby havent been cracked for years.
Michael Fairchild
Michael Fairchild - Dag siden
Simplicity at its finest.
Krzysztof Szularz
Krzysztof Szularz - Dag siden
The cake is a lie.
jakeinator21 - Dag siden
8:35 more simpler
Jake Dee
Jake Dee - Dag siden
"adjustable beyond their angle of sprinklage"
"the irrigating sound"
Superb use of language Sir !
Guillermo Leon Betancourt
I've always wondered how these worked!!! Thank you!!!
Jacob Patrick
Jacob Patrick - Dag siden
Tobi Berlin
Tobi Berlin - Dag siden
finally this riddle got explained :D
spectral.readings - Dag siden
let's redefine armature right here right now
Алексей Завражный
Man, I'm from Ukraine and I'm watching all your videos! You're just incredible! Your manner of talking about things is awesome!
remi twardowski
remi twardowski - Dag siden
The aqueduc you show @0:13 is in my city. Montpellier, South of France
The Deadpool Who Chuckles.
Thanks Cake Boss! I didn't know you had other videos besides making cakes
Joseph Calandria
Joseph Calandria - Dag siden
1:54 did he just spray himself in the face with that sprinkler??
Dan - Dag siden
The "What's this weirdness?" at roughly 6:44 would be in-camera compression doing its work to save space, but causing a visual artifact because of the moving green spoon :p
BillShmithback - Dag siden
The weirdness at 6:45 can have something to do with camera or video editing compression. When nothing changes between two frames in a video the compression is saving space by not remembering those two frames as individuals. This although happens when just parts of the frame changes. In your example the background is not really changing, it only gets interrupted by the swinging arm. This “confuses” the compression and is leading to this artefacts. Try and check out your raw files. Should not happen there.
Andreas - Dag siden
would love to see a video on drm copy protection of software via usb/serial dongles and how they work and why the modern ones are so secure. the current master suites of dts and dolby havent been cracked for years.
times up
times up - Dag siden
Please cover ion air filters. My thera pure fascinates me.
Uv and hepa are fairly obvious but uv seems to be relegated to mostly gimmicky marketing campaigns without good technical info.
Rosa Luxemburg
Rosa Luxemburg - Dag siden
0 percent of the millennials would be able to invent this.
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce - Dag siden
over engineered with lot of loss of water to service the concept.
iamalongusername - Dag siden
Does anyone else read text as fast as you possibly can to make sure you read it all before it disappears, then just sit there staring at it for the next 10 seconds, because you had plenty of time?
Simcow Games
Simcow Games - Dag siden
8:34 more simpler ;)
Tegan Burns
Tegan Burns - Dag siden
How many years watching obscure educational videos and I've never seen one about a sprinkler. Thank you
monika laosi
monika laosi - Dag siden
"Slaps the water like a curious raccooon"
Diego C.
Diego C. - Dag siden
This brought back a lot of memories. We had several of these at home when I was a kid. I used to watch them go, so I figured out how they work back then. They are indeed very ingenious. Sometimes one would get stuck and one of us had to get a little wet running up to it to get it unstuck. Good memories. Thanks! 🙂
theenhancer - Dag siden
0:55 we need a video of this on loop.
Kathlena Deles
Kathlena Deles - Dag siden
Dude! You are funny! And I learned something! Double win! And I totally understand the technical jargon ... Thingy! Triple win. >Presses the subscribe button
monika laosi
monika laosi - Dag siden
hours. And I wouldn't worry too much about "armature"--I'm not sure what it should be called, either. da di duppa D'Oh!
Evan C
Evan C - Dag siden
Irrigating sound!
IRONTOSS - Dag siden
some more useless information to fill my memory bank :) but my engineering mind still had to know how it worked! thanks! for the Vid
Rafael Mantucci
Rafael Mantucci - Dag siden
"Can you believe I didn't put a ton of jokes in this bit?"

Edward Cosio
Edward Cosio - Dag siden
Just ask your auntie clockwise. Lol
Ed Attfield
Ed Attfield - Dag siden
Every time I try to get a close look at how mine operates, I get soaked.
psirvent8 - Dag siden
Now what about Big Gun sprinklers ?
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment - Dag siden
The how it’s made tv show but Less boring and funnier .
Peter Enns
Peter Enns - Dag siden
Your technical knowledge is great, awkward jokes are appreciated but man, this video was in dire need of some diagrams with little arrows attached.
Legendary Sideburns
Legendary Sideburns - Dag siden
The seal on the sprinkler is pretty neat, but wouldn’t it leak and get water everywhere when it’s starting up? Thanks
Jan Witkowsky
Jan Witkowsky - Dag siden
Watching this at 1 AM.
2:16 gave me a shock! xD
JR's Journeys
JR's Journeys - Dag siden
7:05; the part I never quite understood for over thirty years of fascination -until now.
Major Johnson
Major Johnson - Dag siden
I remember examining one of these as a kid and being fascinated by the elegance behind what makes them work.
I never figured out the set screw, but I was not interested in it either.
M L.
M L. - 2 dager siden
9:31 They also come in area programmable versions. Best designed sprinkler ever.
antibozo - 2 dager siden
Would link straight to the Adrienne Pierce song, but i can't find it on Youtube.